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Resident Assistant Position Evenings

We are seeking a compassionate resident assistant to provide essential services to the residents of our assisted living. You will be responsible for helping people with their daily tasks, such as laundry, meal distribution, dressing, and light cleaning.

To be successful as a residential aide, you should be sensitive and respectful, with a passion for helping those in need. Top candidates will not only be assistants but companions who are great listeners and communicators.

Resident Assistant Responsibilities:

  • Assisting residents with daily personal routines, including bathing, dressing, grooming, and on occasion using the bathroom.

  • Providing companionship to residents and establishing a trusting relationship with them.

  • Ensuring that residents are taking their prescribed medication.

  • Ensuring that the residents' living quarters are safe and well-organized.

  • Keeping records of resident activity, behavior, and moods.

  • Leading group activities per our activity calendar.

  • Performing any reasonable requests that residents ask for.

  • Collaborating with management and coworkers to ensure residents receive the best quality of life possible.

Resident Assistant Requirements:

  • Senior in High School or above.

  • CNA not required

  • Friendly, professional demeanor.

  • Strong emotional intelligence and listening skills.

  • Good physical fitness.


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